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Consumer-friendly financing makes it easy for your customer to say “yes.” They pay over time, while you get paid as soon as the work is done. The only cost to you is 3.9% per transaction.

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Available on jobs between $500-$25,000
After the job is complete, you’re paid in 1-2 business days

How to send your customer a loan application

From an estimate - Sending your customer a prequalification application

  1. On a saved estimate, click “Send Application”
  2. Your customer completes the prequalification application
  3. Once they’re done, you can both see how much they are prequalified to finance
  4. You can track your customer’s progress using the Activity Feed

From a job - Sending your customer a loan application

  1. On a saved job, click “Send Application”
  2. After you finish the job, ask the customer to confirm the job was completed
  3. Wisetack will send you the funds in 1-2 business days
  4. Track the progress using the Activity Feed

What your customer sees

For illustrative purposes only*

Your customer’s application process

  1. Open a prequalification (from an estimate) or loan application (from a job)
  2. Enter some basic information about themselves and review the options they qualify for
  3. Both of you will see what they prequalify for or if they chose a loan option
  4. They confirm the work is done to release funds

Tips to grow your sales with consumer financing

Share upfront

Let your customers know upfront about financing. “Checking your options doesn’t affect your credit score and it only takes a minute to complete the application.”

Get them prequalified

Send your customers a prequalification link from an estimate as part of your sales process to help understand what they can afford.

Flexible options

Tell your customers “you’ll see up to 6 options and depending on what you qualify for, the term lengths are up to 60 months with APR from 0% to 29.9%.”*

“As low as” payment

Use the “as low as” monthly payment price when talking about the cost of the job. You can see the “as low as” price on saved estimates and jobs. Or, use our payment calculator.

Market financing

Mention you offer financing in your biggest lead generators like your website or social media. Check out our Marketing Toolkit for how to include it in your next marketing campaign.

Schedule training

Book personalized training by emailing us at success@wisetack.com.

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