Simple financing for services that matter

Thousands of businesses use Wisetack to give their customers transparent, friendly payment options.

It’s never been easier to give your customers options

We integrate directly with your business software, so that customers can apply within seconds, and you don’t have to worry about handling sensitive information. You get paid up-front and your customers pay over time.

Easy monthly payments –
no pain or paperwork

Consumer-friendly financing makes it easy to afford the services you care about. Now you can invest in the things that matter most without unexpected late fees.

You power businesses. We empower their customers.

We’re a technology platform that lets you offer your customers real-time consumer lending at the point of sale. Our simple API lets you integrate a differentiated offering. Learn more.

Built to help businesses and their customers thrive


Clear terms, no hidden fees. Tricking people isn't our style.


Built for both scale and speed, by an experienced team.


Focused on creating a blissfully simple customer experience.

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"The process was much more streamlined than the other kind of financing that we were using."

Patty Wright
Beehive Plumbing
Salt Lake City, UT

"We love using Wisetack. This is 10x better than my previous financing provider."

Eric Lima
Olson Superior Plumbing
Lake Forest, California

“Wisetack is EASY. I’ve used other platforms, but they are expensive, especially compared to Wisetack.”

Colby Hunter
Hunter Electrical Services
San Antonio, Texas