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Wisetack is the pay-over-time option people love
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Wisetack helps our customers finance their wants and needs. Wisetack brings jobs to fruition!

Jody Murphree, Surface Savers

Case studies from Wisetack merchants

Ergeon fencing grew sales by 20% by offering financing
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Seal Pro Paint frames consumer financing as a value-add
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Astoria Lighting uses Wisetack to win jobs during their slow season
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Eagle Quality Construction closes 70% more jobs in home remodeling with Wisetack
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Crown Temp HVAC wins several new jobs per week with financing
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Landworks gained a competitive edge by offering flexible payment options
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80% of Fuse HVAC customers use Wisetack to pay for jobs over $10,000
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Fix This Garage Doors won a $16,000 job through financing
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Langley Roofing chose Wisetack over other financing companies
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Wisetack reviews from merchants

Jobs financed through Wisetack are 4.5 times bigger than other jobs*
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I love Wisetack! My customers that use Wisetack call me back and say they have the best customer service and everything.
Christian Escobar
Escobar Premier Dental PLLC
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Wisetack is EASY. I’ve used other lenders, but they were slower, more expensive, and worse for customers.
Hunter Electrical
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By far the best financing company I’ve used for my customers. Integrated into my CRM and makes for ease of use.
Dean McManus
Action Steam Cleaning LLC
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Great service, very informational, straight forward. Sent me a folder on how to pitch finance options. Also just sent me in the mail a postcard with a QR code to order free advertising magnets for my work truck/car. All in all very amazing so far!
Joshua Torres
Colorado’s Finest Detailing
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Wisetack was easy for our customers to use and easy for us to collect the balance on the invoice without all of the hassle of managing "credit" in-house.
Meg Balak
Elizabethtown Overhead
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Giving your customers the ability to finance projects is huge! Not having to personally finance these projects as a business makes it a no-brainer! Why wouldn’t you partner with a company like Wisetack? It’s an easy way to set you apart from others in the industry! We are real happy with our partnership with Wisetack.
Kevin Welter
Welter Home Services
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I wanted to give my customers another option to invest in their vehicles. Wisetack gives them an easier option for financing than a credit card!
Kent Williams
W4 Auto Detail LLC
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Wisetack’s rates are lower than other companies. They also provide great customer service, from training and FAQs to postcards for educating customers. It's been a great experience!
Lia Robinson
Clean Slate Pest Control Corporation
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Wisetack has helped me close multiple jobs where the customer could not afford to pay upfront. It has been a blessing to our company and we use it often. The application process couldn’t be easier for my customers either. It takes the stress off of me in the office.
Lindsey Baker
Local Guy AC
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I really, really, really like your service. Wisetack's platform is probably one of the best financing platforms in my 16 years of service that I've ever dealt with; the easiness, the approvals, the pay. I mean for real, I can't say enough great things about Wisetack — that's how awesome you guys are! You don't normally hear that when dealing with a financing company.
Howard Eastmond
Eastmond Home Services
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Easy, hassle free, no upfront fees financing options for our business.I'm using Wisetack on 2 of my businesses and it works great.I have tried other financing options. I like Wisetack much better.
Rathana Moua
Ratified Motorsport
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Best financing! Our customers are able to get approved within minutes, money is transferred just as quickly, and the job is completed on day of service. I’d highly recommend Wisetack to any contracting company, great tool for your customers!
Thomas James
Plumb Perfect
The average-sized small business can gain one extra job per week*
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Wisetack is a great company to work with. Fast response from customer service.
Tibor Nacsa
SouthernShacks Construction LLC
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Easy for my clients to use and a seamless process for my business.
Ben Taff
Grit City Painters
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Relative to other lenders, Wisetack was the easiest to facilitate. Others had complex options, with dealer fees up to 22%. With Wisetack, I love that the payout has been within 2 days every single time. Even if we were better than other companies, we were missing out because we didn’t offer financing.
Joe Fuentes
S & J Plumbing

Wisetack reviews from consumers

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Great financing in a pinch! It was literally 30 seconds to get approved and another 30 seconds to complete the process.
Brian K.
Tacoma, WA
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The terms of financing are very simple, with a very reasonable interest rate. Setting up my automatic payment was straightforward.
Kevin Z.
Anderson, MO
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The financing I needed was very easy and literally involved putting in income, address and phone number. It was seamless. Will use Wisetack again, if the chance arises.
Demetrice S.
Baltimore, MD
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I needed to replace my hot water heater during a holiday. The estimate was fair, but I was short on funds. I was able to finance through Wisetack. The process was quick and the site was very easy to navigate.
Tom D.
Landenberg, PA
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Application was extremely easy and non painful. And Wisetack’s payment for our services was so quick. I can't thank you enough.
Nancy V.
Brandon, MS
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Easy, painless process and good interest rate.
Gary P.
Murrieta, CA
of customers who financed a job through Wisetack were happy and relieved it was offered to them*
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Easy, quick decision and approval. Easy to pay.
Lori D.
Norristown, PA
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Fair interest rate and terms. Easy to apply, confirm, and then pay off the loan.
Dan M.
Scottsville, NY
of customers recommend Wisetack to a friend*
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Very easy financing to apply for. Lower interest rate than we expected. Great experience!
Jeri G.
Bartlesville, OK
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Easy to navigate, straightforward, and no hidden gimmicks or tricks.
Latasha S.
Ypsilanti, MI
Two blue opening quote marks
Wisetack saved me from having to come up with a large sum of money for a gas leak. The customer service representative was very friendly and helpful.
Stacey J.
Plano, TX
Two blue opening quote marks
The process is so unbelievably easy and fast. Thank you.
Mike A.
Fort Mohave, AZ
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* Impact of Financing study, Wisetack, 2022