Our purpose and values

Our purpose

Build financial products that empower people.

We give people a better way to afford what they need. We help businesses grow and elevate their experience. Our fair and transparent products save everyone time, money, and stress.

Our values

They describe how we operate, how we make decisions, what are the behaviors we encourage, and the kind of people we want on the team.  

We’ll use them to build good team habits, recruit the right people, and evaluate performance. We will invest deeply in the professional and personal growth of the people who live our values.  

We are a company that makes a difference for our customers, and we want it to also be a place where people love to work.

Customers first

Everything starts with the customer. Solving customer problems is what makes us successful. We spend time with customers so we understand them and meet their needs. If we can’t tie something back to customers, we question whether it’s worth doing.

Act. Fast.

Get things done. Take initiative. Speed is paramount and a crucial advantage. Most decisions are small and reversible and should be quick. It’s OK to make a mistake and learn from it.

Ownership and accountability

Be an owner. People who succeed here set ambitious goals and hold themselves accountable for hitting them, even if it means grinding through discomfort. They do what's right for the company and put the company and the team above oneself.  

Pursue excellence

Be great at what you do. Set a high bar for quality for yourself and for others and continuously push to raise the bar for delivering great work.

Deliberate and open communication

Collaboration is what allows groups of people to accomplish extraordinary things. We have a globally distributed team, which raises the bar for how we work. We pay close attention to how we communicate, collaborate, and run meetings. These are the guidelines for how we engage, which we constantly strive to improve.  

Operate with conviction

We make decisions that are best for the company’s long-term success. When rooted in passion about our success, disagreeing makes us better. Bringing different perspectives and intellectual curiosity results in better outcomes. However, we don’t make decisions by consensus and we don’t block ourselves into indecision and inaction.

Act with respect and humility

Don’t assume you’re right and know better, question your information. Actively look to disprove your point of view and assumptions. Having a different point of view is never an excuse to be an asshole. Earn the right to have say by knowing customer needs and understanding the business.

Push hard and have fun

A startup is an obstacle course, not a stroll.  There is a level of intensity needed to make a startup successful and every one of us needs to carry a lot of weight so a small team can accomplish a lot. We thrive on the adrenaline of solving tough problems to accomplish something meaningful - and like to keep our sense of humor while at it.