Our purpose and values

Our purpose

Build financial products that do right by people.

We give people a better way to afford what they need. We help businesses grow and improve their customer experience. Our fair and transparent products save everyone time, money, and stress.

Our values

They describe how we operate, how we make decisions, what are the behaviors we encourage, and the kind of people we want on the team.  

We’ll use them to build good habits, recruit the right people, and evaluate performance.  We will invest deeply in the growth of those who live our values.

We are a company that makes a difference for our customers, and we also want it to be a place where people love to work.

Customers first

Everything starts with the customer. Solving customer problems is what makes us successful.  We spend time with customers so we understand them and meet their needs.

Act. Fast.

Get things done. Take initiative. Speed is paramount and a crucial advantage. Most decisions are small and reversible and should be quick. It’s ok to make a mistake and learn from it.

Lead the way

Dream big, pursue excellence, and embrace change. Communicate deliberately and openly to bring others along with you.

Take ownership

Act with ownership & accountability, push hard, and be decisive.

Be a good human

Show respect & humility, be helpful & inclusive, and make the place better than you found it.