2023: A milestone year in helping you help your customers

Wisetack Team
January 8, 2024
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2023 was an eventful year for Wisetack (and many of you, of course).

In the year of the rabbit, we took a big leap by continuing to work toward our most important company value: “Customers first.”

We embodied this value in two main ways. First, we created several new resources to help businesses — not just with financing, but also to help them grow in general. Second, we made improvements to our product to provide you and your customers an even better experience.

Let’s have a closer look at some of our biggest initiatives from this past year.

We created impactful resources for businesses

The Perfect Pitch

A common piece of feedback we’d gotten from businesses was that talking to customers about financing is often awkward or delicate. Many were afraid to offend customers, or worse, had done so at one point.

To make things easier, we came up with The Perfect Pitch — a resource teaching businesses exactly what to say and how to say it at every stage of the financing journey. Thanks to its easy-to-remember prompts, The Perfect Pitch has helped sales teams be more comfortable and confident when promoting their financing options. And for some companies, like fence contractors Ergeon, it has delivered a major sales boost too.

Wisetack Gold

It feels good to be recognized. We know we had a big smile on our face when we won Tearsheet’s 2023 Best Consumer Lending Award and FinTech Breakthrough’s 2023 Best Point of Sale Solution. (And yes, we’re bragging a bit ;).)

We wanted to provide that same feeling to customers by creating Wisetack Gold, a program for businesses who, like us, show the utmost commitment to their customers. But the program is more than just a figurative gold star — it provides some exclusive benefits, such as: a direct line to provide feedback, beta access to new features, community networking, and early access to content and promotions.

In addition to Wisetack Gold, we’ve also implemented an advisory board as another way to get feedback from our customers. 

Home Services Marketing Handbook

Providing excellent service is a crucial part of success for any business, but being able to consistently create and convert leads is just as important — and that can be a much more challenging task. 

In fact, many home services companies cited lack of marketing success as a frustration when we polled them last year. So, to help them boost their leads, we created the Home Services Handbook.

The handbook covers every possible marketing strategy, from Google search ads to social media marketing to how to get more referrals. Not only that, it is also customized based on your needs and resources. In other words, we’ll show you what’s most effective for your business, not just a generic PDF.

Oh, and it’s free to all, whether you’re a current Wisetack customer or not (because marketing is hard for everyone).

We continually improved our product

Bringing you new resources was a priority for us in 2023, but those resources wouldn’t mean much if they led you to a subpar product. That’s why we continually found ways to make Wisetack smoother and more useful for you and your customers. Here are some highlights:

  • We’re offering customers better rates by partnering with Citizens Bank: We partnered with one of the largest banks in the country, allowing us to give your customers better terms. With Citizens by our side, we anticipate adding even more features this year, such as an option for you to get funds from a financed job in multiple payments — something many of you requested. 
  • We’re helping you get more leads with prequal link: We released a feature called prequal link, enabling businesses to help customers and prospects prequalify with a link you can promote anywhere — from your website to social media and office signage. The result: a steady stream of leads that comes in even when you’re off the clock.
  • We’ve redesigned our merchant portal to make it even more user-friendly: We revamped the merchant portal to better support business’s workflows, and added new features, including: (1) The ability to create and copy application links so you can easily include them in communications with customers; (2) “Action items,” which keeps a running list of applications that need immediate attention, enabling you to stay current and ensure jobs are moving forward.

More to come…

2023 was one for the books, and our initiatives we’re most proud of are those that have been most helpful to businesses. We’re hoping that resources such as the Perfect Pitch and the Home Services Handbook were — and will continue to be — helpful to you, especially if you have limited resources and staff.

We also sought to make our product better by partnering with Citizens, adding new features such as prequal link, and revamping our merchant portal to make it even more intuitive. 

In 2024, we will remain as committed as ever to helping businesses. For instance, as mentioned earlier, the option to request multiple payments on a job is right around the corner — one of the many developments we hope to bring you this year.

Any ideas on some other things we could do to make Wisetack better? We'd love to hear them.

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