Learn how Eagle Quality Construction closes 70% more jobs in home remodeling with Wisetack

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May 18, 2021
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Angel N., the owner of Eagle Quality Construction, has been in business for almost 14 years. Alongside his team of 12 full-time employees, Angel services Morristown, New Jersey and dozens of the surrounding suburbs. The business specializes in home remodeling and finish carpentry, among a myriad of other services.

Why Wisetack?

Given their growing average ticket size, Angel wanted to find ways to make his remodeling services and design solutions more affordable. Through his field service management software, he discovered he could offer Wisetack financing and signed up immediately. 

Impact on the business

Once set up with Wisetack, Angel began offering it to all of his customers. Their responses were fantastic. By including financing in his sales pitch, he began to win more (and bigger) jobs. “I’ve just closed one. I’m about to close another. And, I have five more jobs after this one,” he told us. In just a few weeks' time, it became clear that his “customers definitely want it and need it.”  

“I always offer it to them. They’re often surprised. Normally, customers think they have to go through a bank, which is a slow process. This is very easy and simple for them.”

When explaining how Wisetack worked, Angel discovered that many of his customers assumed it would be a tedious process. “My customers thought they’d have to go back and forth to a bank” to take out a loan. Now, “my customer can easily make payments,” and:

“I’m closing 70% more in home remodeling!"

Advice for others

Angel believes that “more payment options equal more sales.” By offering financing, he’s able to broaden his customer base, making his services accessible to more people.

“We’ve built a great reputation through Google reviews and word of mouth,” he said. Four years ago, he also invested in local advertisements. And, in the last two years, he started to see results.

"Now, I’m choosing the customers we service.”

He recommends business owners be patient and open-minded. The combination of Wisetack, Google reviews, and local ads has propelled his business forward.

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