How On Time Heating & Cooling uses financing to win over customers

Wisetack Team
December 4, 2020
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We spoke with Shane H. and Melissa M., who run On Time Heating & Cooling out of Hartland, Wisconsin. They got started with Wisetack early this year, after previously using other providers who they felt gave their customers unattractive rates. Read on to learn how they incorporate financing into their business practices, and their advice for other trade professionals.

Why did you get started with Wisetack?

Melissa: We knew we needed to give customers options. We had worked with a different company before, and the rates were ridiculous. It put customers in a really tough spot. We wanted something more user-friendly, with great rates.

What impact has Wisetack had on your business?

Shane: It has helped us generate more revenue, and generate new customers. It also helps us keep business. Most importantly, it helps the customers. Of our last 6 jobs, 4 ended up financing. Knowing what you can and can’t afford is key. I expect 80% of our customers to finance going forward.

"Wisetack has helped us generate more revenue, and get new customers". - Shane H., owner

Melissa: Wisetack is incredibly user-friendly. The communication is great. I love getting email updates whenever a customer is approved. From the office standpoint, Wisetack makes it very easy to be sure we’re going to be paid on time.

"From an office standpoint, Wisetack makes it very easy to make sure we're being paid on time." - Melissa M., office manager

How do you let customers know about financing?

Shane: Typically at a house, if the customer needs repairs, our technicians say “you can finance a new unit for less per month than what you would pay for a repair”. From there, we show them the cost per month for new equipment, straight from the invoice. They can see how low it would be for a 36-month loan. Of course, there are other options, but many customers want the lowest possible monthly payment. 

Our whole team follows the same process with every single customer. 

We also feature financing in our ads. For example, we have run social media ads that mention 0% financing. We’ve also tried direct mail.

What advice would you give to other professionals in the industry about financing?

Melissa: I would definitely recommend Wisetack to other pros in the industry. It’s user friendly, with fair options as far as interest rates and term lengths. I’ve appreciated the hands-on communication, and seeing new offers come out over time.

Shane: A lot of people are uncertain about the economy, and everything going on. If you don’t offer financing to every customer you visit, you are going to lose work. Financing is so common these days -- not everyone has $4,000 for a new furnace, and even people who do might not want to spend it all at once. You need to use it to meet customers where they are. “If you don’t want to offer financing, that’s fine -- just send the customers our way.”

"If you don't offer financing to every customer you visit, you are going to lose work." - Shane H., owner

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