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Samantha Freedman
April 19, 2022
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In summary

ServiceUp is a platform designed to simplify the process of auto repair. Their app allows customers to schedule estimates, coordinate repairs, and manage pickup and delivery, all within a few minutes.


Some ServiceUp customers needed financing to cover unexpected repairs while also returning to the road safely and quickly. ServiceUp’s internal financing plans were proving to be too much business risk for the company.


ServiceUp replaced their internal financing plan with Wisetack’s consumer financing. Wisetack is offered to every customer at the beginning of the repair process.


  1. Eliminated business risk. Now ServiceUp is paid in full as soon as repairs are completed, while the customer pays Wisetack over time.
  2. 200% increase in average repair order value. Since implementing Wisetack, ServiceUp has seen an increase in average repair order because customers have access to needed funds at the time of repair. (~$1,100 vs $3,500)
  3. High customer satisfaction. In particular, Wisetack’s pre-qualification option relieves the anxiety of an unknown repair bill.

The details

ServiceUp offers a convenient solution to a problem that nobody likes dealing with–getting your car repaired. From getting multiple estimates, to scheduling pickup/drop-off and enduring long wait times, a standard auto repair job can take a car owner up to eight hours.

As an innovative platform simplifying the process of auto repair, ServiceUp’s platform gives car owners that valuable time back. Currently partnered with over 70 auto repair shops in the Bay Area, ServiceUp enables customers to painlessly coordinate repairs by scheduling a car pickup, service, and delivery in as little as 30 seconds.

It’s that easy with every other kind of service, so why not car repair?” said Marshall Maher, Chief Marketing Officer at ServiceUp.

Collect payment risk-free 

Before Wisetack, the only financing option available to customers was ServiceUp’s internal financing plan, which was a business risk for the company. “We had to rely on a gut feeling,” said Alex Rock, a ServiceUp Advocate. “We had no way of ensuring that the customer was going to be able to complete the payment.”

That’s why the team at ServiceUp wanted a flexible, consumer-friendly financing solution that allowed them to get paid upfront while their customers pay over time. ServiceUp partnered with Wisetack and is now offering Wisetack financing to every customer at the start of the process.

Relieve customer anxiety

Another benefit for ServiceUp is how financing alleviates some of the customer’s anxiety about paying for car repairs.

“Wisetack allows us to untie the knot in [our customer’s] stomach by walking them through exactly how they’re going to finance the repair,” said Maher. “If someone is able to get pre-qualified for a loan before they even see the final bill amount, they are able to relax knowing that they have a solution.”

Experience the Wisetack advantage

In deciding which financing company to use, the team at ServiceUp felt it was important to work with a provider that is built for the real world.

“It was imperative for us to signal to our customers that this is not a frivolous expense,” said Maher. “We work with people whose livelihoods depend on their car working properly: gig drivers, real estate agents, delivery drivers, you name it. If their car breaks down, they’re doomed. Most people have to make a decision between driving a dangerous, broken car and deciding to forgo their rent payment that month just to pay upfront for the repair. To us, it's not just about ‘stuff’. These are people’s lives. Wisetack solves this problem for a large chunk of our customers.”

Rock describes a recent account of a client that was hesitant to proceed with all of her vehicle’s recommended repairs due to the steep $6,000 estimate.

“I discussed with her that all of the vehicle’s issues were correlated and that the full list of repairs was absolutely necessary for the vehicle to run properly again,” Rock said. “Sensing her hesitation, I brought up the Wisetack application. She applied at that very moment and was approved for $10,000 instantly. We closed the deal right then and there.

Finance full repairs

Wisetack helped ServiceUp close jobs that were previously out of reach for their customers. By offering clear options, no fees, and simple interest, Wisetack gives ServiceUp customers access to fair financing when they need it most. 

“Our team has seen a 200% increase in the average repair order through jobs completed with Wisetack,'' says Maher. Customers can now finance the entirety of their car repairs and get back on the road safely.

What’s next?

With ServiceUp’s recent success, they aim to scale their business nationally, and take Wisetack along for the ride. 

“Our goal is to ultimately have people come to us because we have the Wisetack financing option,” said Maher. “We are looking to position Wisetack at the top of the funnel when speaking to our customers. If the impressive results we have seen in the Bay Area are any indication of where this is going, then I think Wisetack’s service is critical to a large subset of our customers. As we expand nationally, we would love to be able to lead with Wisetack and be the option that boasts consumer-friendly financing.” 

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