What customers are saying about Wisetack

Wisetack Team
May 25, 2021
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At Wisetack, we pride ourselves on providing the best possible customer experience. In fact, in a recent survey, 83% of customers gave Wisetack a 9 or 10. When financing through Wisetack, you can rest assured that customers are receiving the highest quality experience. 

We say it best when we say nothing at all so here are a few things that customers have said about us:

“Easy, painless process and good interest rate.” Gary P., California
“Unbelievably efficient! Love it!” Grace C., North Carolina
“Very flexible option for big projects, would recommend if on a tight budget.” Josey X., Minnesota
“We love everything!!! Quick and easy application and an immediate decision.” Chris G., Illinois
“The terms of financing are very simple, with a very reasonable interest rate. Setting up my automatic payments was straightforward.” Kevin Z., Missouri
"Easy to navigate, straightforward and no hidden gimmicks or tricks." Latasha S., Michigan
"Quick and easy way to pay for an expensive home repair when funds are tight." Richard M., Minnesota
"The process is so unbelievably easy and fast. Thank you." Albert A., Arizona
"Application was extremely easy and non painful. And your payment for our services was so quick. I can't thank you enough." Nancy V., Mississippi

At Wisetack, we’re focused squarely on the customer. Solving customer problems is what makes us successful. So, we were delighted to see what they had to say.

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