Wisetack: a great place for engineers

Kolya Klymenko
February 17, 2021
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When we started Wisetack, I thought about it as a great opportunity to build the company of my dreams. A company where every engineer will have a sense of accomplishment and growth. We have done a lot of things to make this true. Here are a few of them:

Trust and flexibility

We started at the end of 2018, when most software companies followed the common practice of requiring engineers to be in the office daily. Video conferencing capabilities theoretically allowed engineers to work from anywhere, but most companies were not ready to embrace this approach. Presumably, management did not have enough trust in their employees and believed that they would not have been as productive working from home. 

The Wisetack team challenged the status quo and built an effective distributed engineering team. From day one, our engineers have been able to work from any place in the world. As a result, we are now able to recruit top talent in the US and offshore, integrating every person into the team quickly and effectively. When the COVID pandemic started in 2020, it had no impact on the team - we did not lose any productivity at all. This model encouraged us to be thoughtful about transparency and efficiency in communication, which became an important element of our company culture. 

Everyone is an engineer

In some companies I have seen how teams can become overwhelmed with hierarchies and lose the excitement of doing real engineering. I want us to be different. Every member of our engineering team is first of all an engineer. No matter what the title is, developer or manager, everyone in our team is hands-on. Technical excellence and teamwork is the foundation of our engineering culture. We have built a place where everyone is engaged and brings their best to make our technology and team even better. For example, even though I’m the CTO, I actively participate in development activities - review and write code, help manage our cloud infrastructure and tools.  This way I can learn from our talented people, and hopefully help them to learn something too. 

Learning and innovation

The vibrant world of technology introduces new programming languages, frameworks, and architectures faster than many people can follow. This creates a selection mechanism - only people who enjoy learning can keep up with such changes. I want Wisetack to be the place where engineers can learn and bring themselves to the forefront of innovation. 

At the very start, we took a leap out of our comfort zone and decided to work with technologies that only a few of us have used before - complete cloud infrastructure automation, serverless architecture, key-value databases, semi-structured data lake with big data processing, and rules engines.  All of this is currently in production and brings real value to our business. Now we are adding machine learning capabilities that will benefit our product. 

With our use of cutting edge technologies, we do not expect potential candidates to have experience with everything we use. Instead, we are looking for people who are passionate about engineering and want to continue learning together with us. 

Meaningful and socially responsible product

As engineers, we enjoy building software. I like the creative process of transforming ideas into running code. I like the excitement of the moment when I see the first stacktrace of a bug and start looking at the system as something grownup and independent. I like the growth of the customer base and scalability challenges it brings. But, all of this gives joy only if the product is useful and socially responsible, which is the case with Wisetack.

At Wisetack we build a product which helps a lot of people. Our technology provides point of sale financing capabilities that makes businesses more successful and allows consumers to get necessary services and products that they would not be able to otherwise afford. For example, a new water heater or major plumbing work.

Sound interesting?

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