How Wisetack fit seamlessly into Markate’s existing payments solution

Justin Wang
August 16, 2022
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In Summary 

Markate is an all-in-one business management platform designed for home service professionals. 


Markate’s mission is to provide affordable and intuitive solutions for small businesses, and integrating the right consumer financing provider into their existing software was a critical component of that mission. But finding the right partner was hard. 


Markate selected Wisetack as their preferred provider after learning of Wisetack's strong reputation among home services professionals, successful track record with other partners, and shared core value of putting customers first. 


  • Wisetack’s easy-to-read, yet thorough documentation equipped Markate with the information they needed, leaving them confident and eager to launch. 
  • Markate leveraged Wisetack’s go-to-market playbook to maximize adoption and drive utilization right out the gate, adding that the materials provided made it “as easy as plug and play.”  
  • When reflecting on their experience with Wisetack to date, Markate only needed one word: “seamless.” 

Who is Markate

Markate is an all-in-one business management platform that makes it easy for home services professionals to streamline their day-to-day operations. With Markate, users can manage and track their online payments, collect insights into performance, and more. It’s a leading choice for contractors, small business owners, and field technicians in need of a simple and scalable business management solution. 

Markate prioritizes giving small business owners options, never requiring them to alter their existing workflow in order to use the platform. When it comes to processing payments, Markate allows their users to select from up to six different providers, several of which have their own consumer financing solution. 

Wisetack stood out in the consumer financing landscape 

In following industry trends and closely monitoring customer inquiries, Markate had already learned of Wisetack when the teams connected. At the time, they had been evaluating other options. But after an introductory call and product demo, they quickly determined Wisetack was the right fit. 

Markate wanted to maintain optionality for pros, while also providing them with a best-in-class consumer financing solution without disrupting the existing user experience—something they knew they could achieve with Wisetack. 

Proactive go-to-market support from Wisetack

Markate worked alongside a dedicated partnership liaison and go-to-market specialist in the lead up to launch. The Markate team, including their leadership, convened weekly with Wisetack to sync on launch deliverables and answer questions. Regular meetings in addition to Wisetack’s technical documentation—which, in their words, is on par with leading financing providers like Square and Klarna (but tailored to in-person services)—and marketing playbook allowed Markate to breeze through their integration and go-to-market preparation.

“Wisetack was so proactive,” said Dawn White, Director of Partnerships at Markate. “Everything we could have wanted was right there—from the ready-to-publish assets for our Facebook and email campaigns to in-product messaging and copy suggestions. They were so easy to work with.”

Markate completed the initial integration within 3 weeks, then underwent Wisetack’s thorough QA testing. After incorporating Wisetack’s feedback, Markate was ready to launch the very next week, making time to completion just over 4 weeks. 

“My experience with the Wisetack integration was one of the best in my career,” said Vijay Raj, Managing Director at Markate. “They knew what they were doing.”

The results so far, and what’s ahead

Markate’s launch tactics yielded a wave of signups, as business owners were eager to get started with what they knew would help them attract more customers and close larger jobs

The mention of Wisetack in Markate’s existing drip campaigns as well as standing up an incentive program continues to drive steady adoption and utilization week-over-week.

And still months later, “it remains stable and working really well,” said Raj.

As Markate grows their user base and expands their integration, Wisetack will remain a close partner, supporting whenever and wherever needed.

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