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Tens of thousands of home service businesses use Wisetack to grow their customer base, increase ticket sizes, and stiff-arm the competition
By far the best financing company I’ve used for my customers. Integrated into my CRM and easy to use.”
Dean McManus  |  Action Steam Cleaning LLC
“ By far the best financing company I’ve used for my customers. Integrated into my CRM and easy to use.”
Dean McManus  |  Action Steam Cleaning LLC

Wisetack is consumer 
financing for services

Today, most customers expect flexible payment options that allow them to budget for larger purchases. When you sign up to offer Wisetack, your customer pays over time for your services, while you get paid now. And it all happens in less than a minute right from their phone.

Offering Wisetack is good for business

Jobs financed through Wisetack are 4.5 times bigger than other jobs
87% of businesses won a job because they offered Wisetack monthly payments
88% of customers who financed through Wisetack were happy and relieved it was offered to them
Source: Wisetack merchant survey, Oct 2022
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How Wisetack helps your business

Boost your sales
Hear “yes” more often and increase your ticket sizes
Boost your leads
Promote financing in your marketing and hear the phone ring more
Boost your customer experience
Offering easy, fair financing builds trust (and referrals!)

For your customer

Covers large and small jobs. Financing available from $500 - $25,000 on terms from 3 to 60 months*.
Options to fit their needs. APRs from 0% to 29.99%* and up to 6 monthly payment options to choose from.
Fast and easy. Short application, quick decisions, 24/7.
No hidden fees. No prepayment penalties, origination fees, late fees, or compounding interest.

For your business

Seamless experience. Offer financing with a click of a button, text, or email.
High approval and close rate. Offer financing with a click of a button, text, or email. Less training time for your sales teams and techs.
Flat per transaction fee. No set up or subscription cost. Predictable costs for your business.
Marketing and sales tools. Get more leads with a prequal link and close the deal with interest-free options.

Ergeon fencing grew sales by 20% by offering financing


How it works

It’s easy for both you and your customer.
Estimate price (optional)
You send a prequalification link.
Your customer sees the 
maximum amount they’re approved to finance and monthly payment options.
Agree on price
You send an application link.
Your customer applies and locks in their offer by selecting and accepting their preferred terms.
Complete work
You deliver exceptional work (of course).
Once complete, your customer confirms the job is done in the application.
Receive payment
You receive the funds via bank transfer, which will land in your account within 1 - 3 business days.

We partner with the top field service management tools

These integrations put Wisetack right in your existing workflow for things like estimates and invoices.

Schedule a demo and we’ll show you how we work with your software of choice.

With Wisetack, it was simple to get started, simple to get homeowners approved, and simple to get paid. Conquer gives Wisetack a BIG thank you and thumbs up.
Desiree Alia

Frequently asked questions

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Why can’t customers just use their credit card?
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What does it cost to get started with Wisetack?
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*All financing is subject to credit approval. Your terms may vary. Payment options through Wisetack are provided by our lending partners. For example, a $1,000 purchase could cost $45.18 a month for 24 months, based on a 7.9% APR, or $333.33 a month for 3 months, based on a 0% APR. See additional terms at