How Wisetack’s customer experience team helps businesses succeed

Vincent Ninh
July 14, 2022
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Why we care so much about customer experience

Here at Wisetack, we understand that our customers are the beating heart of our business. Without you, there is no us — period. (Just let us be schmaltzy for a second, OK?!)

That’s why everything we do is with our customers’ success in mind. 

This starts with our product of course, which allows businesses to close more jobs and consumers to get fair financing when they need them the most.

But one thing we’re particularly proud of is our amazing customer experience team, which puts in a lot of work to make sure all customer questions and concerns are resolved in the best way possible. 

To show you the kind of service you can expect from Wisetack, we’ll take you through some of the measures we take to enhance our customers’ experience and then share with you an actual scenario of how our team was able to turn a customer from upset to ecstatic.

How we’re committed to helping you

Our customers are busy, and their time is valuable. As such, they expect fast response times but also sensible solutions and thorough communication when they reach out to us. Here are some of the things we do to make those things possible: 

  1. We have accommodating business hours: Our phone lines are open Monday to Friday 9am-8pm ET and Saturday 9am-6pm ET. This means that regardless of their time zone, customers should be able to contact us outside of their work hours.  
  2. We don’t make you wait: In addition to our extended operation hours, we make it a point to answer you quickly. Our robust customer experience team of 40+ people (and counting!) is equipped to do that. If you call in, you can expect an average response time of 34 seconds. No excruciating waits set to Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons with us. 
  3. We work fast, but never rush: Yes, we strive to answer you as fast as possible. But some issues are more complex than others and naturally take longer to solve. That’s why we don’t worry about call duration. When you contact us, you can expect us to take as long as needed to resolve your inquiry — and thorough communication.

As important as those measures are in helping us better serve our customers, excellent customer service ultimately starts with excellent people — which all of our team members happen to be. When you contact us, you will always be listened to and treated with empathy and respect. But don’t just take our word for it; check out the real-life example below instead. 

Sticky situation, happy resolution

After giving us a poor NPS (net promoter score) rating, the owner of an electrical services company called in, unhappy with Wisetack. Funds from one of his customer’s loans had been sent to the wrong bank account number and he was understandably anxious about not receiving them. He had also previously shown concerns about the merchant fee he was charged for each customer loan.

After several interactions, our customer experience team was able to not just make him stay with Wisetack, but also become a Wisetack promoter. How? 

We listened to and acknowledged his concerns, never dismissing them. With consistent and clear communication, we explained where the payment error originated (the wrong bank account had been entered on his end), how we would remedy it and how to prevent it from happening again. 

When it came to easing his mind about the merchant fee, we reminded him that the sales boost he would get from offering financing would make it worth it and provided various proof points.

His last interaction with our team, with resident rock-star associate Flynn, was especially positive. It ultimately ended up being the turning point in him changing his original NPS rating to a 10 — the highest possible. We’ll leave you with the comment he added:

"Talking to Flynn, he actually wasn’t trying to handle or patronize me. He was honest. And as a business owner, I can respect that. He is what changed my mind about staying in business with Wisetack — and I am extremely hard to please. This guy needs a promotion. Thank you again to the Wisetack team and a tremendous thank you to Flynn.”

Thank you indeed, Flynn.

Ready to witness the Wisetack customer experience for yourself? Contact us today to learn more about how we’re helping customers afford essential services and businesses boost sales.

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