Announcing our partnership with Signpost

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San Francisco, CA, December 22, 2021 — We’re pleased to announce our partnership with Signpost, a customer communications software that helps home services businesses attract, connect with, and grow their customer base. 

Together, businesses that offer Wisetack and use Signpost can deliver an exceptional customer experience.

With Wisetack, customers can apply for financing in seconds and break up the cost of a job into easy monthly payments. And with the Signpost app that’s purpose-built for home service providers, you can Respond Instantly to incoming leads with the 24/7 answering service and SMS messaging, Simplify Communications throughout the job with the Messaging Hub, and Build Credibility by turning your local reputation into online credibility. 

To learn more about how you can use Signpost to bolster your customer communications, connect with their team to get a personalized demo. 

If you’re a Signpost customer, sign up to offer Wisetack and learn how consumer-friendly financing can help your business grow in the most recent episode of Contractor’s Corner.