5 easy website additions to boost conversion rates

Samantha Freedman
October 21, 2022
min read

Your customers want financing. In fact, 62% of them consider the availability of financing before hiring a pro. 

But to start seeing results from financing, you actively need to promote it and let your customers know you offer it.

So how do you do it? 

Your website is a good place to start. For many prospects, it is the first touchpoint they have with your business. In fact, you’re probably already optimizing it to generate traffic and leads, so it makes sense to also use it to strategically promote financing.

But how do you do that?

1) Add a separate financing tab

People have short attention spans, and most only hang around a website for 10-20 seconds — so it is crucial that you clearly and visibly show on your site why they should work with you.

If a potential customer comes to your website with financing on their mind but doesn't immediately see the option, they might just leave to a competitor's site.

An easy way to solve that problem is to add a financing tab to your home page’s navigation bar, which is one of the first things your customer will see when landing on your homepage. 

Check out how one Wisetack merchant, Plumb-All, accomplished this on their site below.

2) Use helpful graphics

Remember what we said about short attention spans? You might want to stay away from text-heavy paragraphs that will make customers feel like they’re back in school. Instead, use simple graphics that are informative and easy on the eyes — a dream combo ;). 

And if you don’t have the chops or the time, our design team put together a variety of assets in our Marketing Toolkit. It’s a simple plug n’ play: just download the assets you need, copy/paste the code and you’re good to go!  

Take a look at how a Wisetack merchant, Klimatology HVAC, uploaded one of our social assets from Dropbox to promote they're offering financing — in a visually appealing way.  

3) Hyperlink to Wisetack's website

Yes, mentioning you offer Wisetack on your site should benefit you. But ultimately your site is (and should be) about your business — not an ode to financing. And so, for the research-oriented customers who aren’t satisfied with just financing CliffNotes, it is important you give them access to more details.

To do that, link to our site where you can (wisetack.com). There they can get comprehensive information about Wisetack, from loan terms to product updates to a constantly evolving FAQs page. Plus, internal link-building can radically improve user experience and overall SEO (search engine optimization) health.

Accomplished Auto used our pre-written copy from the Marketing Toolkit to describe financing to their customers. They hyperlinked our website so that their prospects could get more information directly from the source.

4) Ensure your site is desktop AND mobile-friendly

For many of us, websites are synonymous with computers — that used to be the only way to browse the web. But today, 56% of all web browsing is done on a mobile device. So, as you put it in all this work to make sure your website is top-notch, make sure both its design and navigation is mobile-friendly. 

Creating this seamless user experience on both mobile and desktop will be sure to please your customers, and increase the likelihood of them converting. For inspiration, take a look at how Pipeline Plumbing and Drain Specialists made their site as easy to browse on mobile as on desktop.

5) Include a payment calculator (home services merchants only)

You’ve added a financing page — nice job! You’re on your way to more conversions. Want to make this page more helpful for customers? Add a link to our Payment Calculator page to help them visualize how low their monthly payments could be — with actual numbers. Plus they’ll get a sneak peek of how easy Wisetack is to use.

Check out how our friends over at Freeman Roofing added the Payment Calculator to their Financing page. They linked it to a sleek button that is impossible to miss. When customers click this link, they’ll be able to input a financing amount and review their estimated monthly payment options based on various APRs.

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