How ARI swiftly and easily integrated Wisetack’s software in under 3 weeks

Justin Wang
August 5, 2022
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In summary

ARI is a software platform designed to support auto repair shops. The platform’s client management and reporting tools allow mechanics, shop owners, and auto dealerships to streamline their operations. 


ARI wanted to introduce financing capabilities to their platform. However, they’ve faced numerous frustrating experiences deploying and integrating other fintech platforms because of lack of customer support and testing. 


ARI chose to adopt Wisetack’s financing platform after evaluating the quality of the APIs, technical documentation, and integration-support readiness.  


  • ARI integrated and launched Wisetack in under 3 weeks.
  • Wisetack provided ARI with a frictionless and quick launch experience by being proactive and offering them dedicated, individualized support.
  • While many other fintech solutions don’t offer live technical support, ARI was able to reach Wisetack’s dedicated partnership manager within 2 hours whenever questions about the integration arose. 
  • Wisetack’s added layer of QA testing meant bugs were caught before the product went into production, leading to a painless experience for ARI, its users, and the end consumers.  

ARI is a small team with a large customer base

ARI is a software platform for auto repair shops, targeted toward smaller shops with one to three bays. The ARI app helps shops manage their end-to-end experience: setting appointments, work orders, invoicing, fleet management, parts inventory, forms, and payment processing. With over a thousand shops using their platform, ARI has established itself as a leading auto repair software.

ARI was created by the team at UtilityMob. They have two people on their software team, and one person focused on go-to-market strategy.

Wisetack’s customer service and QA testing won the team over

Before Wisetack, ARI did not have financing capabilities they could offer to their users, leading to lost sales. ARI evaluated other fintech platforms to help offer these capabilities, but had some hesitations. ARI wanted to avoid the two main obstacles they had run into when deploying other fintech solutions in the past: lack of efficient and timely customer service, and limited QA testing.

Even though some solutions provided excellent documentation for integration, they lacked efficient, personalized customer service, leading to confusion and unanticipated challenges for ARI.

“It was really hard to get someone on a call to understand what was happening or for them to give advice on what the best approach would be to integrate their service into our software,” added Constantin Coutun, founder and CEO of ARI. 

In addition, there was a lack of testing on other solutions’ part, meaning that if ARI’s internal team did not catch a bug, it would go into production, causing a huge headache for ARI and their users. 

Not only did these obstacles introduce many customer pain points, troubleshooting and fixing these technologies took away time from ARI’s priorities: growing their platform and helping shops to streamline operations and scale. 

What also impressed Coutun was Wisetack’s UI, which enables prospective loan applicants to view financing options at checkout, taking a lot of the burden of having to talk about financing off the merchant . This opens up opportunities for merchants to do things they’ve never done before, enabling small to medium-sized businesses to excel.

Wisetack delivered quality integration documentation and design guidance 

The ARI team felt Wisetack understood these frustrations and structured their integration process with partners in mind. 

“The support we received from Wisetack was at a much higher level than what we’ve gotten from others,” added Coutun. “Wisetack understood how to structure the integration and provided very helpful feedback on UI.”

Wisetack’s responsive and proactive customer service meant that if ARI had any questions about integration, Wisetack’s dedicated partnership manager was only a quick call away. While other fintech platforms don’t offer live support, ARI was able to get in touch with a dedicated partnership manager from Wisetack within 2 hours. Coupled with robust documentation, ARI was able to move swiftly throughout Wisetack’s launch without major hiccups. 

In addition, Wisetack's additional layer of QA testing acted as a “fine-toothed comb,” Coutun said, ensuring bugs rarely got into production. This lead to a smoother end-to-end experience for all involved: ARI, their auto shop users, and the end consumer. 

Rigorous testing and ever-present customer support meant ARI’s lean team could focus less on Wisetack’s launch and debugging their API and more on what matters to them: enabling their users to run their businesses efficiently. 

A successful launch and strong partnership 

When ARI launched Wisetack, it came as no surprise when merchant applications flooded our credit team’s inbox. As ARI continues to expand and attract new merchants, Wisetack will remain an integral part of their payments functionality, helping thousands of small businesses thrive. 

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