How an auto detailing company uses financing to win one more job per week

Vincent Ninh
January 18, 2023
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“In one minute, my customers can finish the application, and in another minute they can have the loan approved.” — Juan, owner of Car Gloss

Car Gloss, a relatively young auto detailing company that specializes in ceramic coating, needed to find a way to close more deals — something especially important for a new business. After a few bad experiences with other financing providers, the company started offering Wisetack financing and was able to not only land more jobs, but also win back previously lost jobs. 

3 key ways Wisetack is helping

  • 1 more job per week: Juan estimates that Car Gloss earns an extra job every week just by offering Wisetack financing.
  • 3-4 extra leads per week: According to Juan, Wisetack also helps generate 3 to 4 extra leads weekly, which could turn into a customer at a later point.
  • Winning back old customers: Juan says that many customers who were interested in Car Gloss’s services in the past are reaching out to him after learning he offers financing.

Helping customers justify a discretionary service

Almost any business would welcome closing more deals. But for a newer company, it’s even more important. Car Gloss, a car detailing service based in Miami, Florida, is relatively new to the game — the company recently passed its one-year mark. For Juan Garcia, its owner and sole operator, closing deals with customers has not always been easy.

The biggest obstacle? The cost of the service, according to Juan. “Price is the most common objection from customers,” he added. Because ceramic coating is often considered a luxury service, customers can be reluctant to make a lump-sum payment, especially when it comes to the more costly services. 

Juan knew he needed to offer financing to convert more leads, but finding the perfect partner was not easy — until Wisetack.

Previous financing partners not meeting expectations

Wisetack was not Car Gloss’s first foray into offering financing. Juan had previously attempted to partner with two different financing providers, neither of which delivered the results he expected.

“I have worked with two other platforms, and their onboarding process was difficult,” Juan said. As a result, relaying the necessary information to customers was also a challenge, often leaving both parties with unanswered questions.

To make matters worse, Juan also felt that the actual loan approval process was complicated through those previous financing partners. In the end, customers would often be confused or frustrated by the experience — neither of which are good for his business.

Finding a simple financing experience

When Juan was considering Wisetack as a long-term financing provider, two things immediately stood out to him.

The first one was Wisetack’s responsiveness in answering his questions. “The thing I like the most is your customer service,” he said. “Every question I’ve had [or that a customer has had] has been answered quickly.” Because of his past experiences, this was actually the most important factor in his decision to offer Wisetack financing.

What also impressed Juan about Wisetack was the simplicity of the platform, both for him and his customers. “My customers really like it. In one minute, they can finish the application, and in another minute they can have the loan approved,” he added. On his end, he was able to implement Wisetack within his workflow without a hiccup.

“My customers really like it. In one minute, they can finish the application, and in another minute they can have the loan approved.” 

Previously, Juan had used an auto repair app that Wisetack integrated with directly, which made offering financing a breeze. Although he recently stopped using that app, he is still able to offer Wisetack directly from his phone through the merchant portal, which he described as “extremely simple to use.”

Winning more jobs and a tactic to win back customers

Offering financing through Wisetack has helped Car Gloss gain more jobs — on a regular basis. Juan estimates that, thanks to Wisetack, he gets one additional job and three to four more leads per week.

How does he do it? First of all, Juan makes sure to bring up financing on every job early on in the conversation — an approach many other merchants have used and gotten great results from.

Juan also ensures that he promotes Wisetack financing on all of his marketing, putting the Marketing Toolkit to good use. One channel he says has been particularly successful for him has been social media: “I make sure to say ‘We offer financing!’ on my social media stories every day,” he added.

A pleasant outcome from this social media strategy has been the outreach from customers he had given a quote to (pre-Wisetack) but not yet served. Now knowing that Car Gloss offered financing options, those customers realized that getting a service done was within reach.

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