Customer experience at Wisetack: a manager’s perspective

Wisetack Team
May 27, 2021
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I caught up with our Customer Experience (CX) Manager, Matthew Huh, to learn what it's like to work on his team and what he did before joining Wisetack. Here’s what he had to say!

Lauren: “When did you join Wisetack? And, where were you before?”

Matthew: “I joined the CX team last November. Previously, I worked in real estate and sales. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always felt I had an ability to connect with people. Given what I had learned about both professions, I thought that they’d be a good fit. I quickly learned, however, that I didn’t like the aggressive and transactional nature of the roles. I felt I operated under the guise of being helpful and couldn’t shake the pressure brought about by sales quotas.”

Lauren: “Why did you choose to pursue a career in Customer Experience?”

Matthew: “I didn’t feel fulfilled by my work in real estate or sales. So, I reached out to my brother who worked in Customer Experience at LinkedIn. He inspired me to join a startup called Omti and in a customer support role. From the start, I was confident I had found what I was meant to do! I really felt I was making a difference in our customers’ lives. As a Technical Support Engineer, I served as the bridge between the customer and the product, the medium that made using Omti click for them. It was more rewarding than anything I had done before.

"After nearly two years at Omti, I left to join the Support Team at Square. There, I learned how to think ahead and predict customers’ needs. Most recently, I worked in Customer Experience at Brex, resolving customer inquiries and triaging the technical problems they faced. 

"In the six years that passed, I learned how to support customers of three very different technology companies, from business management software to credit card payments. And that experience has informed how I manage customer operations at Wisetack.”

I learned how to support customers of three very different technology companies, from business management software to credit card payments.

Lauren: “How do you approach managing customer operations at Wisetack? What skills are needed to succeed in a CX role?”

Matthew: “Over the years, I’ve learned that there are three guiding principles in CX: 1) be quick and efficient, 2) have compassion and poise, and 3) exceed customers’ expectations by not only solving the problem at hand, but also providing resources to prevent future problems from arising.

"Working in a customer-facing role requires deep knowledge of the product and an ability to anticipate the customer’s needs. It also helps to approach each customer inquiry with meticulous care and organization.

"Unlike my previous roles, I’m now responsible for scaling the team and implementing real change. I develop and think through strategy rather than just execute on it. I also have a tremendous impact on how our team works together. Whether it’s sending an encouraging message over slack during peak support hours or conducting a weekly pulse check with others on the team, I’m always looking for ways to lift others up, just as I do our customers. 

I'm always looking for ways to lift others up, just as I do our customers.

"In this role, you need to have confidence and grit because you never know who will be on the other end of the call and what that conversation will be like. Our customers see us as pillars of information. They don’t respond well to hesitation.”

Lauren: “What does it mean to you that our first company value is ‘Customers first’?”

Matthew: “It’s true. ‘Everything always starts with the customer.’ I’ve experienced this first-hand countless times. 

It's true. 'Everything always starts with the customer.'

"We aim to understand and meet the needs of our customers each and every day so that they feel confident saying to others, ‘You can count on Wisetack. When you call or email, they’re going to take care of you.’ 

"At Wisetack, our customers’ happiness is, and will always be, of paramount importance.”

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