Why Langley Roofing chose Wisetack over other financing companies

Vincent Ninh
March 16, 2023
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“Within two minutes, customers can see whether they’re approved or not.” — Jeremy, owner of Langley Roofing

Langley Roofing, one of the top roofing companies in Chattanooga, TN, needed a financing company that better met their needs.

Langley’s previous financing platforms were complicated and time-consuming, and even just getting paid after a completed job sometimes took over a month. Things were also less than ideal from a customer perspective, with long applications that were time-consuming to fill out and often required a hard credit check just to prequalify.

Langley discovered Wisetack through their field service app and thanks to a seamless onboarding process and early positive results, the top-rated roofing company now has a preferred financing partner.

Three reasons Langley chose Wisetack

  1. A simple and user-friendly product: Wisetack’s platform is easy to use, thanks to our integration with many field service apps. According to Jeremy, the difference is night and day with the company’s past financing providers.
  2. A fast customer application: Customers can see their options in just two minutes, something Jeremy says has helped the sales team tremendously.
  3. Customers have a lot of financing options: Jeremy likes that customers can choose from a variety of plans once approved; this ensures they get the monthly payment they want while getting the services they need.

A business with a stellar reputation

Serving the greater Chattanooga, TN area, Langley Roofing prides itself on providing excellent service when it comes to any roofing needs, whether it be complete roof replacements, gutter repairs, or skylight installs. In addition, Langley is a member of the reputable National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA). 

As a result, Langley has earned a 4.7-star rating on Google reviews. However, providing great service is only one of the things a business must do to keep customers coming back. Just as important is providing flexible payment options — 62% of customers desire financing options.

But until Wisetack, Langley did not have a financing provider that met all its expectations.

Financing that doesn’t disrupt the workflow

Jeremy Langley, the owner of Langley Roofing, discovered Wisetack the same way many other businesses do: by seeing it promoted directly within the company’s field service app. 

At the time, Langley’s financing providers were not integrated with their field service app, creating a more involved process when customers wanted to finance a job. “The fact that Wisetack was integrated into a job just made it that much more appealing,” added Jeremy.

Not only that, Jeremy was also unhappy with how tedious it was to work with those financing companies: “With other providers, it’s a laborious process to get customers approved — or sometimes just to get paid for a job.”

In one instance, an invoice was in pending status for over a month while Jeremy waited on an action from the financing company.

Getting started with Wisetack

Within a few hours of discovering Wisetack through their field service app, Jeremy was ready to go: “I was told it could take 24 or 48 hours but I was ready to roll within four hours of when I applied.” He also added that it was a smooth signup and there was good communication from Wisetack.

Once signed up, Jeremy had to learn more about his financing tool — and Wisetack stepped in: “From the very beginning, there was heavy training and we’ve gotten really good support whenever we needed it.” 

Wisetack’s free marketing materials came in handy too: Jeremy has used several of them, such as our website assets and customer handouts.

Thanks to the support and resources he received, Jeremy had all the knowledge and tools needed to offer Wisetack — and he was quickly sold.

Why Langley is sticking with us

When explaining why he loved offering Wisetack financing to customers, Jeremy gave us three distinct reasons.

  1. Wisetack keeps things simple and user-friendly.

For a business, the more time is spent on administrative tasks, the less time can be spent on actual work. With previous financing providers, even simple tasks like getting paid required time and effort. But with Wisetack, things are fast and intuitive — and the seamless integration with many field service apps is a big part of that. 

An example of the product’s efficiency is that Langley gets paid within a business day of a job being complete. “There is a lot of other paperwork with other providers. But Wisetack is top of the line as far as ease of use,” said Jeremy. 

  1. The customer application is lightning fast.

Processes are fast on the customer’s end too. According to Jeremy, customers can know within two minutes if they’re approved or not — something that has benefitted Langley greatly. “Once they are approved, we can coach them through the loan process,” added Jeremy.

Jeremy also said that some customers check their options because there’s nothing to lose, even if they plan to pay with another payment method. 

  1. Customers have a lot of options.

Another feature Wisetack offers that Jeremy appreciates is the number of plans customers have at their disposal: “There’s several options they can choose from — 3, 6, 12 months or even longer terms*.” For him, the most important thing is that customers can get services they need, so the flexibility is welcome.

*All financing is subject to credit approval. Your terms may vary. Payment options through Wisetack are provided by our lending partners. For example, a $1,200 purchase could cost $104.89 a month for 12 months, based on an 8.9% APR, or $400 a month for 3 months, based on a 0% APR. Offers range from 0-35.9% APR based on creditworthiness. No other financing charges or participation fees. See additional terms at http://wisetack.com/faqs.

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